A Material with A Long Lifespan


Standardization Makes Quality

The color sorting system will automatically sort raw grits to precisely control the dimension and color of the original quartz grit, removing impurities.
It is accurately weighed with low error and high efficiency. The large tank can handle 80 tons of materials with a balanced mixture. Well sealed, meet the standard of environmental protection.

Large blender mixers provide a buffer for materials and increase production capacity. The stirring amount is triple that of the traditional unit, and the production line capacity increases by 50-100%. The production environment is dust-free, making it easy to clean and prevent secondary pollution.

Using an automatic-weighted powder spray machine, the aggregate mixture is evenly distributed across the slab, ensuring that the color and grain of the slab remain stable.

CNC compressing machines provide 232 tons of even compression forces that can reduce interspace and prevent slabs from easily losing their shapes.

A high-temperature curing tower consisting of 18 layers ensures the complete reaction within the product and prevents the residual chemical monomers from remaining. The internal temperature of the machine is between 80°C and 100°C. And this system has an auto-feed-in/out and timing function.

Quartz slabs are polished by automated polishing systems from Italy, which use 61 CNC polishing heads to create quartz slabs with flat and glossy surfaces.

Inspection to Perfection

Quality control tests are conducted after fabrication to ensure superior quality of Oppein Quartz Slabs.

Oppein Quartz Slab, Assured Quality

Quartz Stone is Always A Better Choice

Strong & Durable

Quartz slabs are engineered to be highly durable, harder and stronger than natural stones like granite and marble.


Our stain-free quartz surface requires only soap and water for daily maintenance, so cleaning is effortless. Keep the surface shining every day.

Hygienic & Eco-friendly

Using food-grade resin, slabs are nonporous, anti-bacterial, mildew-resistant, and safe for the family and environment; NSF & ISO certificated.

Colorful & Customizable

Mixing colors based on your preferences; with quality pigments and high-temperature curing at 90°C, Oppein quartz colors are enduring.


With an absorption rate of only 0.02%, quartz resists the absorption of water and other spills, making it naturally stain-resistant.


The quartz slabs are made of 90% quartz, molded with 232-ton compression to obtain the Mohs hardness of 6.

Quality with Certifications

Our Quality is Stamped by Authorities

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