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Calacatta Series

Colors of the Calacatta series maintain the freshness of nature while revealing the luxury of modernity. Calacatta quartz slabs are the pearls of the quartz collections. Every quartz slab in this series would make an ideal material for the countertop and wall. The Calacatta series can satisfy all your desires, whether you are looking for stunning quartz stones for commercial or residential buildings. Browse more to find your favorite.

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Calacatta Quartz Guide

Calacatta quartz is an engineered stone that has become one of the most popular kitchen countertop materials in recent years. Oppein Calacatta Quartz is created from natural components, yet it is hard, durable, and low-porosity, making quartz worktops almost wear-free. Calacatta quartz has deep, beautiful, and exceptionally broad veining on a brilliant, immaculate white backdrop. Their strong, dramatic veining instantly gives a rich touch to any kitchen.

Is Calacatta Quartz in Good Quality?

Calacatta Quartz is among the most hardy countertop materials available. Any Calacatta quartz variety will fulfill your demands since it is extremely stain-resistant, thick, heat-resistant, and scratch-resistant. Calacatta quartz worktops are unique, gorgeous stones that will turn any bathroom, kitchen, or bar into a piece of art.

You’ll be relieved to know that there is no simpler stone material to care for and maintain. Its hardness and endurance undoubtedly contribute to its resistance and simplicity of maintenance. Overall, you can be confident that Oppein Calacatta Quartz is of unrivaled quality.


Popular Calacatta Quartz Colors

Calacatta quartz has a brilliant white tone with grey, blue, gold, or brown veining. In most situations, the veining is dense and striking.  The veining on top might be a variety of colors and shades. 

  • Calacatta white: It perfectly portrays its beautiful white backdrop, shot with grey veins. This color detail is an attractive and opulent addition to almost any space in your house.
  • Calacatta Gold has a beige-white backdrop with a golden undertone. The veining is evenly toned and somewhat thick. This one is ideal for monochrome kitchens with beige cabinetry. A similar mix will help make your kitchen appear larger and brighter.
  • Calacatta Crack: White and grey quartz countertops are often constructed with a white base and grey veining. The delicate tone is ideal for producing a tranquil and pleasant environment, and it goes well with a variety of different colors.
  • Calacatta Black: polished marble-look quartz with a velvety black backdrop and widely distributed white veins for unrivaled elegance. It’s the ideal choice for constructing white quartz countertops since it can blend in with almost any color scheme or design style.
  • Calacatta Venice Quartz has a warm white backdrop with gentle wide veining that is reminiscent of Italian marble. This stunning white quartz is neutral but not boring, and it will well with almost any color scheme or visual identity.



Calacatta Quartz Applications

  • Backsplash. Calacatta quartz’s beauty and distinctiveness mean that it can make a strong statement in the bathroom or kitchen. This material lacks grout lines, which trap grime and moisture. It is very simple to clean.
  • Countertops: Calacatta quartz material is an excellent kitchen worktop surface thanks to its stain resistance, easy-to-clean, and bacterial resistance properties.
  • Cladding. Quartz wall cladding may be especially appealing in damp spaces such as the bathroom or kitchen. It not only absorbs moisture but also resists stains like other fabrics.
  • Kitchen Islands.  Quartz islands complement any kitchen. They standout because they require little upkeep, can make a statement, are long-lasting, and may raise the value of a property.
  • A bath basin. Why not make the bath basin distinctive by using Calacatta quartz? At Oppein we customize them by personalizing it to a customer’s chosen form and size.

Calacatta Quartz vs Carrara Quartz

Calacatta quartz and Carrara quartz are both characterized by the appearance and texture of genuine real marble stone. White, gray, or light beige base marble with faint or dramatic darker veining. These are the similarities between Calacatta quartz  and Carrara quartz countertops.

Calacatta quartz has veining that is bolder, more dramatic, broader, and darker. It’s ideal for those searching for a strong focal piece in their kitchen.

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