Living Room

Quartz enhances the luxury and modern feel of the living room.

Table Top

The living room serves as a gathering place for family and friends. It is necessary to have a table for people to sit around in this area. And quartz is a reliable choice for tabletops.
You can choose a custom quartz table top that is both functional and beautiful. With the elegant and natural design of Oppein quartz, it goes with a wide range of home decor styles. With its classy and luxurious appearance, quartz enhances the aesthetic of any living room.

Wall Cladding

Using quartz stone for the living room wall highlights the overall aesthetic of this space. The crystal-like surfaces elevate the space with luxurious features, high-class and eye-catching.
We offer a wide range of choices for veins and colors to compliment your unique style in living room decor. The durable quartz background will keep its beauty for many years to come. Oppein quartz wall would be a true legacy for your family.

Elevate Your Living Room with Oppein Quartz

Your Living Room Deserves Quartz of the Highest Quality



Quartz slabs are engineered to be highly durable, harder and stronger than natural stones like granite and marble.



Using food-grade resin, slabs are nonporous, anti-bacterial, mildew-resistant, and safe for the family and environment; NSF & ISO certificated.

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With an absorption rate of only 0.02%, quartz resists the absorption of water and other spills, making it naturally stain-resistant.



Our stain-free quartz surface requires only soap and water for daily maintenance, so cleaning is effortless. Keep the surface shining every day.



Mixing colors based on your preferences; with quality pigments and high-temperature curing at 90°C, Oppein quartz colors are enduring.



The quartz slabs are made of 90% quartz, molded with 232-ton compression to obtain the Mohs hardness of 6.

Need Oppein Quartz Slabs for Living Rooms?

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